Jan 26, 2021

An Open Letter from the Founders of 5xRuby

Hello everybody, we are 5xRuby Co., Ltd.

5xRuby is turning six years old this year.  Over this time, we have accomplished the following business goals, boosting the development of Ruby Taiwan and achieving technological growth:

  • We have become one of the few companies in Taiwan demonstrating a high level of proficiency in using Ruby/RoR technologies to develop software for enterprises.
  • We have hosted over 100 gatherings for the Ruby/RoR community.
  • We have participated in international seminars, sharing our methods of resolving implementation bottlenecks through technology.
  • We have developed dozens of projects for enterprises in e-commerce, finance, and media spanning Southeast to Northeast Asia. Our projects range from cross-border e-commerce platforms to enterprise systems that come in the form of a website or an app.

5xRuby specializes in creating minimum viable products (MVPs) for new ventures, transforming their business plans into executable projects. In addition, we provide technical counseling to relieve them of technical burdens and help them efficiently launch new products on the market.

To provide engineers access to systematic learning in this era of information, we initiated programming training programs. Subsequently, with the rising trend of switching to a career in engineering, we launched the ASTRO Camp project to help non-engineering graduates realize their dreams.

Thanks to the assistance and support of many friends along the way, 5xRuby has made great strides in both endeavors. However, we have also recognized the fact that, without exclusively focused efforts, we may be unable to reach the pinnacle we have envisioned.

Through some intensive discussions, the founders of 5xRuby have come to a decision that would allow them and all other relevant stakeholders to give full play to their strengths while ensuring a mutually beneficial coexistence among related companies of the brand.

Starting from August 1st, 2020, 5xRuby has formally completed team reorganization, with its programming project services and training programs rearranged as independent businesses. To achieve the advantages of specialization and centralization, the training programs are currently operated by 5xRuby Training Group Co., Ltd, whose establishment was solely financed by Mr. Eddie Kao, one of the company co-founders. Co-founders Mu-Fan Teng and Tsehau Chao will continue leading the original professional team to provide B2B project development services for enterprises and startups. Together, we will continue to assist companies in advancing along the road to innovation and digital transformation.

Based on this reorganization, 5xRuby Co., Ltd. has also launched a brand identity that reflects the spirit of future teams. Since our establishment, we have always served our customers with the spirit of freedom, flexibility, pragmatism, and enthusiasm. Carrying on such an attitude, this rebranding will embody the tonality in the corporate identity system by promoting the spirit of “We deliver”.

Although our team members have embarked on separate paths due to differences in our dreams and areas of expertise, 5xRuby will continue to realize the effect that “one plus one is greater than two”. We will continuously develop and explore possibilities for mutual cooperation across industries in the hope that each team shall make maximum and liberal use of brand value to create the brightest future across different fields of endeavor.

In the future, the entire staff of 5xRuby Co., Ltd. will persistently strive to make improvements to showcase the technical competence of Taiwanese engineers to the world while enabling Taiwanese Ruby engineers to continue shining on the global stage.


Mu-Fan Teng and Tsehau Chao

Founders and Management Team of 5xRuby Co., Ltd.